Quench Fire Engineers

Quench Fire Engineers is an engineering consultancy that specialises in Fire Safety Engineering Design of all Classifications of buildings, Dangerous Goods, Combustible Cladding Risk Assessment and Temporary Structures.

As Fire Safety Design Engineers, we ensure to provide cost-effective and community-safe Solutions with a Performance-Based (Alternate) Solution for your building approval. The performance Solution is backed by the robust quantitative and qualitative assessment methodology with the support of fire engineering science, CFD modelling and calculations.

We provide professional advice on all Fire Safety departures from the Building Code of Australia (BCA) Deemed to Satisfy Provisions. Our expertise is in Australian Building Code and Regulations, Australian and International standards, fire modelling, and technical report writing as per Australian Fire Engineering Guidelines (AFEG) supported by various national and international books, research papers, and incorporation of statistical data to analyse in order to support Performance-Based Design.

We provide our services in South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory and Tasmania.



High Rise


Cladding Risk Assessment


Our strategy is to support unique designs and develop community-safe Fire Engineering designs based on our technical experience. Improve building fire safety standards that contribute to our community; consequently, aiming towards ZERO “0” loss of human life.


We believe it is our clients that give us purpose in our conscience. Hence, we are committed to liaising with clients all throughout the project life and delivering every project successfully on time.


Our vision is strongly supported by our values that reflect the vital assets of our business.

We give the Commitment to fulfil the client’s need and take Responsibility.

We aim to create Trust between us.

We are Bold in decision making.

Endeavour to Assimilate knowledge and skills.

Why choose Quench Fire Engineers?

  • We are Professional Engineering Consultants
  • Expert in Fire Safety Engineering
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • We aim to provide a cost-effective Alternative Solution (Performance Solution).